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Bluetooth CSR Innovation

2015/1/9      view:
It’s believed that Bluetooth technology is familiar with so many people. The technique finally gained popularity after more than 10 years. The Cambridge Wireless Semiconductor Co,. LTD (CSR) is fond of the technique and paid off. The Asia Pacific’s vice President XuJunFeng revealed that invested about 150 million Bluetooth Chip! They released the revenue from 235 million in 2004 add up to 486 million through the financial report a week ago. The growth rate is 92%.It has proved CSR Bluetooth shows a variety of new applications. Let us see one of the original usages Bluetoothstereo Speakers. They connect the speakers with Bluetooth phone into a network. So can play the music from the sound box to make better experiences for customers, such as the hands-free functions. (Call answer, reject, redial, ending, and etc.)The other application is Bluetooth Stereo Headset V2.1+EDR can save many cables also with lower power consumption character also with hand-free functions.Chat via Skype, MSN or PC through the headset and built in high sensitivity microphone.